Our website ( Darbuna ) is an Islamic one for Daa’wa, it aims to contacting brothers/ sisters in faith, involving in Daa’wa, and exchanging advice, finding out more suitable Daa’wa means, discussing Daa’wa issues, offering consultations and responding to your inquiries in this field as well.

It introduces you to the Umma’s Intellectuals and high performers, offers recommendations and suggestions in the right method of Daa’wa, and we do appreciate any Daa’wa’s critical study.

We aim to widely spread Daa’wa’s fiqh on the largest scale.

The site is not affiliated to any political stream or any restricted community group, and it declares that our doors are opened to any sincere Daa’wa’s effort. And we benefit from all hardworking Daa’wa’s men, and welcome advice from all.

The site ideology is based on several pillars, here under, we discuss:

  • Islam is more comprehensive than any stream flag raised for Islam, and it’s no point sticking to ways at these times, what matters now is preserving faith. Many gain paradise without affiliations to any way, but non does without faith.
  • Appreciating and honouring specialists is an Islamic duty, and the Ummah would fail whenever violates that, and each sincere scholar is an Islamic castle; we defend and be sheltered by.
  • Women and men are equal in terms of humanity, and compatible in life lines. And humiliation to any is a violation to Allah’s honouring to them.
  • One, who said “People lost believe”, is the worst of them. And lots of deep pure instinct does exist within the Ummah. And we reject the aggressive expiation mentality, and believe that Islam is a guidance (Hidayah) message to the whole mankind.
  • Political involvement is a means not an aim, and the prophets’ domain is guidance. We prefer that faith penetrates in powers’ hearts to believers seize power.
  • The call for general liberties in all Muslim countries, setting political prisoners free, cancellation the state of emergency, the abandonment of the totalitarian manipulation, combating bribe and political, social and financial fraud, stop looting the Ummah’s sources, and stimulating people to call for their rights including healthcare and elderly insurance; all these are of the core of Islam, and shunning that is a humiliation of our religion and a scorn for people’s minds.
  • Combating arming craziness and nuclear experiments, stopping pollution, reserving natural resources and its balance, confronting the proliferation of drugs… all these are civilized duties, and an essential pillar in the universality and comprehensiveness of Islam.
  • Allah is beautiful and likes beauty, and the good intention and sincerity are the potentials of any good doing, and the well doing (Ihsan) to humans and other creatures and the fulfilment of the Belief’s Branches (Iman’s Shoa’b) are communal duties, and neglecting that is a great sin, towards which we cannot stay tight-lipped. and communal bad doings are more dangerous than individual ones, so, communal obligations should be of equal priority as the individual’s.
  • Lack of reference, moral crises, losing identity ,beside the spiritual drought are all fatal illnesses to both individuals and communities as well, and scholars and Daa’wa holders cannot take part in the healing process without a comprehensive reforming mentality, which goes beyond local and partial views.
  • The Final Message extends beyond time and location, and on no account it might fall short of any nation’s demand. And the basic concept of dealing with all nations originates from Guidance (Hidayah) and searching for the Right, not clashing, cancellation and wiping out mentality. And being in good relationship with the whole humanity is a grand duty for the Muslim on Earth ((We haven’t sent you but mercy for all)).
  • The world cannot donate freedom to any unless he himself has already gained it, and be released from domination and manipulation.

The supervisor in charge of the website: Ahmad Mouaz Al-Khatib Al-Hasani

Born in Damascus 1380 1960.

Ex-Imam of Grand Umayyad Mosque.

Studied Applied Geophysics’ and worked as a Petrophysical Engineer nearly six years for The AFPC (Al-Furat Petroleum Company).

Chairman of Islamic Civilizing Community (Al-Tammaddun Al-Islami).

Currently works as a Lecturer of both:

  • Islamic Daa’wa
  • Lecturing & Addressing, In Refining& Teaching Institute for Islamic Sciences, Damascus.

Held several Daa’wa and scientific courses, and lectured in: Nigeria, Bosnia, England, USA, Netherlands, Turkey…

Member in The Geological Syrian Society, and Syrian Community for Psychological Sciences.

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