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Initiative by Mouaz Al-Khatib - And whoever saves a single soul..

In the name of God the most Gracious, the most Merciful

The Initiative:
“And whoever saves a single soul - it is as if he had saved humanity entirely .”

In order to prevent the further decay of the Syrian people, its territory, infrastructure, economy, and the dismantling of its social structure and moral values, we present this initiative out of duty for our country and people, a practical response to the need of a political settlement ensuring a peaceful transition of authority.

This initiative is a product of Syria and its goal is Syria. It should be taken as a full package and is set by a clear timetable.

We call upon the authorities in Syria and all factions from the revolutionists and the opposition to adopt the initiative as a way out from the catastrophe that has struck our nation.
Finally, we call upon the international community to oversee it and ensure that it is implemented according to the following guidelines:

1- The current President of the Syrian regime declares his acceptance of a peaceful transition of authority, and the handing over of full powers to either Vice President Mr. Farooq Al Shar’a or current Prime Minister Mr. Wael Al Halqi, within twenty days of the publication of this initiative;

2- The current president dissolves the current parliament and his legislative powers are handed over to the person chosen to take the temporary role of president;

3- After his acceptance of peaceful transition, the current president will be given a time period of one month to completely hand over authority;

4- The current government continues to work on a temporary basis (for one hundred days) beginning from the day the person chosen to take the temporary role of president is assigned;

5- The assigned person is given full executive powers to manage Syria excluding any authority to delegate any blacklisted members by the international community;

6- The interim government restructures the security and military systems (during a one hundred day time period);

7- Once the initiative is accepted, all political prisoners must be released from prisons as well as any detainees. This should be done under the international surveillance, and all measures should be taken for the return of those displaced from home;

8- All the Syrian territories will be open to all types of local and international humanitarian relief;

9- The current president leaves the country along with five hundred people whom he will select along with their families and children to any other country that may choose to host them;

10- There are no legal guarantees for the current president or any of those five hundred departing because this matter should be referred to a legal council agreed upon by the Syrian people;

11- The General Secretary of the United Nations is to delegate an international mediator with the responsibility of overseeing the interim phase in Syria, ensuring commitment to it and supervising the transition of authorities.

12- All parties involved in the fighting are to halt the usage of heavy weapons under international monitoring.

13- All those involved in what is considered “legal military action” as defined by the international law during the war are issued a general pardon, however, all those commands that were issued regarding killing, the targeting of civilians, torture, rape, and kidnapping are considered as criminal offences and the perpetrators must be put to trial under criminal law, both nationally and internationally;

14- In each governorate a committee will be established consisting of five people who will be selected by the dignitaries of the respective governorates for its management, while under international supervision, and this committee will be given full authority for the management of local affairs, including the administrative, economic, security and military affairs, and is directly affiliated to the person who is assigned as temporary president, or someone else whom he delegates;

15- Following the one hundred days, after implementing the articles of the initiative, all powers of authority are to be transferred to a transitional government which should be agreed upon and negotiated within the framework of international assurances;

16- The subsequent transitional government will be responsible for the preparation and the re-building of the new Syria.
Mouaz Alkhatib
May 23, 2013

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Mouaz al-Khatib to AlJazeera: The priority is to save Syria

“Talk to Al Jazeera” - Ahmad Mouaz al-Khatib: The priority is to save Syria

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Mouaz Al Khatib: False reports about a Battalion using my name..

To whom it may concern:

False reports are being circled by certain newspapers regarding the existence of a Battalion using my name which has been distributing leaflets with the threats of the cutting off of heads.

We reject in absolute terms these reports which do nothing but sow the seeds of discord and strain relationships between people.

We strive to secure the peace and safety for everyone, and reject all types of aggression against innocents and civilians.

Furthermore, we will file reports against any of those who work in such acts to the Public Prosecution in whatever country they may be in.

Ahmad Mouaz Al Khatib

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Speech by Mouaz Al-Khatib to General Secretary of Hezbollah

Speech by Ahmad Mouaz Al-Khatib, President of the Syrian National Coalition, directed to Mr. Hassan Nasrallah, General Secretary of Hezbollah

In the name of God the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

To Mr. Hassan Nasrallah, the General Secretary of Hezbollah – Lebanon Continue reading

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Legal Opinion by Mr. Haytham Al Maleh

N: 79/H.O
Date: 23/04/2013

Mr. President
Members of the National Coalition

Legal Opinion

With reference to what was published on the Web regarding the resignation of the president of the National Coalition, and the assignment of Mr. George Sabra as a president of the National Coalition via a decision which was made by the vice presidents, I would like to clarify the legal requirements for what has occurred. Continue reading

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Summary of the Speech of Sheikh Mouaz Al Khatib

Summary of

The Speech of Sheikh Mouaz Al Khatib in
the conference of
Islam and Peace among the Syrians

In the history of Syria during the times of the Ottoman empire, there were courts that were established in order to settle disputes amongst people but in the first three years not even one person entered them due to the fact that people were able to resolve their issues amongst themselves in the four known references that were present in society at the time which were developed by themselves. They were: Continue reading

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The Speech of Mouaz Al Khatib & his statment about al-Qaeda

the Speech of Mr. Mouaz Al Khatib and his statment about al-Qaeda

Islam and Transitional Justice Conference

Turkey 15th April
Peace and blessings and mercy of God be upon you,
All praises is due to Allah, and peace and blessings upon his last messenger Muhammad, May Allah bless you all. Here I would like to thank all Islamic leagues for making this blessed effort which is a necessary step for a mature and a healthy society. Continue reading

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CBS interview with Ahmad Mouaz Al-Khatib

CBS News correspondent Clarissa Ward interviews Ahmad Mouaz Al-Khatib, The President of Syrian National Coalition.

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Mouaz Al-Khatib’s Speech at “Group of Friends of The Syria People”

Ahmad Mouaz Al-Khatib’s Speech
at Group of Friends of The Syria People Meeting in Morocco

In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.

Syria’s tragedy is far greater than what words can describe. Twenty months of systematic mass destruction which involved the human beings by torturing, killing and detaining, and that involved the infrastructure by destroying, looting and burning it and for the first time the Russian made MiG jet planes, which our people paid for from its blood and children’s milk, have bombardon civilian neighbours on a daily basis and in a savage way.
Continue reading

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The way to Damascus, An interview with Ahmad Mouaz Alkhatib

The way to Damascus

An interview with Ahmad Mouaz Alkhatib

with Orient TV



  • The Interviewer: Dear viewers, Welcome to a new episode of (the road to Damascus). Our guest today is Sheikh Mouaz Alkhatib who became a prominent name from the beginning of the Syrian revolution as one of the Islamic scholars who moved towards peaceful movement and took a clear stand against the oppression that such peaceful movement was suffering. Because of this stand, he was arrested 3 times before he decide to leave the country to support the revolution and make its voice heard to the outside world.

    Continue reading

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